Quantum physics teaches us that we are energetic beings and that all life is vibration.


Quantum physics teaches us that we are energetic beings and that all life is vibration. An atom consists of more than 99.99% of empty space. Hence, matter is created through the spinning of electrons around the nuclei.

Otherwise said, vibration creates matter - for all elements on earth including the human body. Hence, the human being vibrates and its electromagnetic frequency correlates with our level of health. Food has its own vibration, influencing our body. In addition, our thoughts, the restless mind, fears, imaginary "phantoms and ghosts", as well as our beliefs and lifestyles also impact our vibratory level.

So – in its own way - the body is a vibrant factory.

Hence, The Vibrant Factory is like a real factory, a place of creation and exchange, where knowledge is shared, where the client is striving towards appropriate action, and where nutrition is a springboard to attain vitality; a place, where to jeopardize one's own limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers. Hence, a lieu, where one can (re)discover a holistic approach to being and well-being.

So life itself can be vibrant!





Intense work schedules, busy and hectic lifestyles, stress, and poor nutrition - everybody want to eat more healthily.


The Vibrant Factory

Intense work schedules, busy and hectic lifestyles, stress, and poor nutrition – everybody wants to eat more healthily and take care of themselves. However, we cruelly lack the time, tools and knowledge to achieve this. And yet, in order to restore a last state of health, well-being and vitality, nutrition is one of the essential components of this quest.

When it comes to nutrition, numerous dogmas still persist. Food myths, often maintained by marketing, are still guiding our eating habits. Why not, on the contrary, simply rely on verifiable scientific facts ato make informed choices? Maybe because our relationship with food is unconsciously and considerably influenced by our emotional states, moods and our compulsive need to put in place compensatory defense strategies.

Understanding such (un)conscious barriers, exploring underlying - sometimes even repressed - emotions that prevent us from eating (more) healthily, is quite often a prerequisite for establishing a solid foundation for durable transformation. Therefore - a first in the field of nutritional transformation - I use methods typically employed in professional coaching. This allows the clients to (better) comprehend their own behavior and resistances, to formulate personal goals and ultimately to find an individual path of sustainable change. Renewal and transformation are already in us!

Depending on the particular request and the client's requierements, a diagnosis of the situation and suggestions of priority areas of improvements, educational content and/or recommendations (how to, how not to...) may be part of the coaching sessions. Examples of topics covered may include digestion, nutrients, protein sources, juice versus smoothie, sprouting, supplements, ecological impact, epigenetics and what foods to avoid and why.

A typical and realistic programme covers about six months (two-weekly sessions). In between each session of two hours, you can put acquired knowledge into practice, and hence, manage yourself your transformation. You set your own objectives, appropriate for you, from the more modest to the most ambitious:  such as weight control, eat more healthily and balanced, reduce intake of animal protein while maintaining the pleasure of eating, gain of vitality and energy, learn how to eat differently, reconciling social life with mindful and healthy eating, as well as how to replace harmful, unhealthy and processed food. I accompany you step by step to reach these goals and put you in motion.

Another option can be organised, called "half-day discovery": a theoretical session, a guided tour of a supermarket, a check-up of your kitchen and the preparation of simple recipes.

Consultations via Skype are possible.

The positive and personalized program is always offered in an empathic and creative atmosphere in order to give you useful keys for a healthier life.

I am not a coach with the intention to convert you into becoming a raw vegan, but a professional nutrition coach. This means, I accompany you by taking into account your personal relationship with food and with the focus on achieving your personal goals and ambitions.

Personally, the change of my diet (more than ten years ago) allows me ever since me to maintain a body in great shape, an effortlessly maintainable body weight, beautiful skin, a fresh complexion, a feeling of lightness, regular and easy digestion, great physical energy and vitality... not to mention the more subtle (and non-measurable) impact on mental clarity and emotions. Each of us can obtain such results!

Moving towards a genuine understanding of life and wellbeing.





True to its motto "Vibrant Life", The Vibrant Factory also offers executive coaching and professional coaching.


Stefan Lehner Executive Coach

True to its motto "Vibrant Life", The Vibrant Factory also offers executive coaching and professional coaching.

Professional coaching can be very useful when a person is facing a personal or professional situation that is (very) difficult to deal with. Respecting the strict code of ethics of the International Coach Federation, I offer coaching according to its authentic definition: that of accompanying towards autonomy through dynamics of change. A creative process that allows the client to reveal him or herself, to widen or jeopardize a point of view, to develop one's potential and to strive towards concrete actions. The client, considered expert of his or her own life, is encouraged to open up to self-discovering and to allow the emergence of new strategies or solutions generated by him or herself.

In addition to a toolbox of professional coaching, strong questioning, the formulation of hypotheses, fine and precise observation and giving clear feedback are employed. Also, the relationship between coach and client as a potential mirror, of what the person may experience in daily life (systemic approach), are part of a coaching session. In addition, I can also draw from large experience in senior management, as a competitive sportsman and also from continuous personal soul searching.

Underneath a professional challenge, taking a new job, having to make a seemingly impossible (personal or job-related) choice, preparing for a competition, managing a difficult relationship, finding the right life balance... are often to be found key issues such as: profound needs of a person, the question of trust (in oneself, in the other, in Life), the meaning of life, a (critical) look at oneself and the quest of fulfilling our desires. Regularly having to face and to go through such situations myself, I can offer my clients a non-judgmental environment, a fresh and alternative look at things and a climate of exploration of possibly unseen options.

A typical coaching cycle consists of about ten two-hours long sessions every two to three weeks. Consultations via Skype are possible.

Explore and clarify, and then take the appropriate action.





Click here to access Stefan Lehner's blog.


The Vibrant Factory Blog

Click here to access Stefan Lehner's blog.

An objective and subjective blog - with a sharp angle, a personal experience, a confirmed expertise...

Not just about how we eat more or less healthily, our relationship with food, but also thoughts on our conventional lifestyles, our desires, on the mind that is constantly convinced to see everything, understand everything and know everything - and our potential for transformation. Always with the intention to distinguish personal opinion from verifiable facts, taking very much at heart an observeration made by Swami Prajnanpad: "You always live in your world and not in the world..."

With a notion of sincerity, a positive and open attitude and a clear point of view.

Subjectively objective, objectively subjective.





Manager in a multi-national company, nothing predestined Stefan Lehner to become a professional coach and an expert in nutrition. And yet…


Stefan Lehner, The Vibrant Factory

As a long-term manager in a multi-national company, nothing predestined me to become a professional coach and an expert in nutrition, especially in fresh and vegan food. And yet... in a very personal pursuit of purpose and happiness, I have developed a conscientious interest in nutrition since 2007.

Later, profound introspection incited me to quit my job in management and to return back to school. As the traditional curriculum of nutritionists did not answer my multiple questions and wishing to jeopardize food myths and obsolete "certainties", my journey leads me to the United States, where top-notch education in this field is available. After several months of training in 2014, I am certified as Health Educator by the Hippocrates Health Institute.

A formal training and certification in professional coaching in 2015/2016 complements my education. I am now ready to accompany my clients in expanding their overall consciousness, in a tailor-made, responsible and positive approach. In addition, if appropriate, I can draw from a large managerial experience; not just in varied coaching situations concerning personal or job-related issues, but also with regards to one's unhealthy relationship with food and/or a harmful lifestyle.

I am inspired by the vision of a future world, where healthy and balanced eating becomes the norm and an automatism, and where adults take responsibility for themselves, for their actions, words, desires and consequences of their choices.

I am an accomplished competitive athlete and thus a living proof of the existence of abundant plant-based protein sources to ensure muscular strength and physical stamina.

When I am not cooking, travelling, reading, practicing yoga or dancing the tango and the waltz, I enjoy knitting, indeed... (, in French).

This is how The Vibrant Factory was "built".





Here follows a short selection of inspired and inspiring quotes of great depth and wisdom.


Here follows a short personnel selection of inspired and inspiring quotes of great depth and wisdom. They touch topics typically at the heart of transformational quests:

"Oneness is multiplicity and the other is unity." (Extract from Laghu Yoga Vasistha, ancient Indian philosophic text)
"Icicles and water, old differences dissolved... drip down together." (Yasuhara Teishitswu, Japanese poet)

Pain & suffering:
"It is not events that disturb people; it is their judgements concerning them." (Epictetus, ancient Greek philosopher)
"Among the ashes of my burned house, violets have sprouted here and there." (Skokyu-Ni, Japanese poet)
"I am expecting something from him. Hence, I give him power over me." (Swami Prajnanpad, Indian guru)

"What comes, comes to go away." (Swami Prajnanpad, Indian guru)
"You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on." (Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher)

"If you think like me, you are my brother. If you do not think like me, you are twice my brother, because you open me to another world." (Amadou Hampaté Bâ, writer)

Acceptation of what is:
"Acceptance does not prevent us from acting." (Arnaud Desjardins, author)
"The word 'should' (and 'should not') is not in the human's dictionary, only 'is, is, is'." (Swami Prajnanpad, Indian guru)

The right action:
"Not fighting can also be an action." (Vadim Zeland, author)
"Active? Passive? One and the other. Activity for everything that depends on us; passivity for everything that does not depend on us." (André Comte-Sponville, philosopher)
"This too shall pass." (Legend of the inscription in King Salomon's ring)

"You think wrong with the certainty that it's true." (Christophe Massin, psychiatrist)
"This being the case, how shall I proceed?" (Zen saying)
"Only that day dawns to which we are awake." (Henry David Thoreau, author)

"The gardener cannot oblige the plant to grow faster by pulling on its leaves." (Christiane Singer, writer)
"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." (André Gide, writer)

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied." (Herophilus, Greek physician, ~300 BC)

Do you have another favorite quote? If yes, which one?





My first book is published by Éditions Eyrolles (in French).



My first book was published in March 2019 by Éditions Eyrolles (in French).

"Take (renewed) ownership for our health" is the underlying key message and the credo in this new book on nutrition and fresh food, the obvious link with our health and well-being, as well as jeopardizing obsolete food myths or limiting beliefs.

The book's aim is to stimulate a critical review of our conventional eating habits and our responsibility in guaranteeing and maximizing an excellent state of health and well-being - visible to all. For example, the book contains chapters on epigenetics, the transformation curve, the pleasure trap and the history of our cult with protein. It is targeted towards the general public, but also for health professionals as well as nutritionists and dieticians. Moreover, it can also simply be read as a practical guide to fresh and raw vegan food.

Stefan Lehner
"Je mange cru" - Brûle-graisses, antifatigue, anti-âge...

Découvrez tous les bienfaits de la raw food sur votre santé et votre vitalité!
Forewords by Iréne Grosjean and Brian Clement
256 pages, price 15.90€
ISBN: 978-2-212-57056-4
Available in book stores and online
Order your copy now at or
Download the eBook here. For Kindle format click here.

Translated extract from the back cover:
Become responsible for your health!
Let's talk raw! Consuming processed foods is harmful for the body and our health: overweight, chronic fatigue, premature aging... Though, a natural way of eating exists: fresh, vegan and raw food, whose numerous health benefits are scientifically proven. Not exposing food to heat (hence, no conventional cooking on the stove or the oven) maximizes nutritional intake and prevents the appearance of multiple illnesses and diseases.
Starting from a philosophical discussion and jeopardizing limiting beliefs and old food myths, this comprehensive and practical guide, based on eleven years of experience and advanced training in the USA, will help you to adopt raw food without deficiencies or imbalances - at your own rhythm and in with your objectives, for excellent health and visible vitality!

Happy reading, hoping it's an inspiration!